Keyless Entry Systems Newcastle

Keyless Entry is a functional, convenient, and safe way to secure your home. From the benefit of not having to dig around for your keys at the door, to having that extra peace of mind that your home is secured by more than just a traditional key entry, keyless entry has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. MCL Locksmiths are experts in keyless entry and can add new systems to any home or replace existing key entry with keyless options on your current home.

Range of keyless entry and electronic door lock products

We can assist with keyless entry system products over a diverse set of homes, lifestyles and uses.

Types of keyless entry products we can help with include:

  • Digital door lock
  • Touchscreen keyless locks
  • Bluetooth enabled deadbolts
  • Fingerprint recognition locks
  • Auto-unlock keyless locks
  • Intercoms
  • Biometrics
  • Proximity cards
  • Pinpad entry
  • Keyless entry for security doors

Why is a keyless solution more convenient, safer, and reliable than traditional locks?

Traditional lock and key systems are perfectly effective for many homes and businesses and have certainly shown they can stand the test of time. However, innovations in lock technology give us solutions to the hassles we’ve taken as a given for those manual systems - lost or stolen keys, digging around in bags and pockets with arms full of groceries or dropping the keys right when you need them.

Keyless entry is more convenient in that you don’t need a secondary item (the key) to get into your home, the entire lock system exists on your door or home and requires an action at the source. There’s no longer a need to carry around the entry to your home or business.

Keyless entry is more reliable as it is designed to make unauthorised entry extremely difficult for anyone other than the person or people who need to enter. These high-tech systems are built to memorise chips, numbers, and personal identification points each and every time, for approved holders of these access points.

Keyless entry is easier due to its high-tech design and is made to control and monitor access to your residential or commercial premises.

However, all keyless entry locks are only as good as the way they’ve been installed and maintained.

Keyless entry systems for residential and commercial use

MCL Locksmiths can offer locksmith services for keyless door and lock systems on residential, commercial, and short-term accommodation use.

Whether you’re looking to have a new system installed into your home or business, need to have maintenance checks, or require emergency assistance, we can help quickly, reliably and cost effectively.


Are keyless door locks safe?

Yes! However, they still rely on technology to work which is why it is vitally important to have your keyless entry system installed correctly. Unlike traditional key and lock entry, you are not bound to a manual mechanism that just needs the key to fit. Keyless entry is recognised as a safe and secure solution for home and business entry protection, if done right.

How do keyless entry door locks work?

It depends on the keyless entry system you have in your home or business. Some have voice or fingerprint recognition, where data points are imputed into the system and will only open when those data points are recognised. Others are designed to recognise a number sequence, or chip. Across the board, it is a technology-based recognition entry system, as opposed to manual key entry.

How much is a typical keyless entry door lock?

Again, this depends entirely on the system you choose. Some keyless entry systems, such as simple number coded entry, can be a few hundred dollars, while more sophisticated systems can cost into the thousands of dollars. MCL Locksmiths can match you with the right product for your needs and budget!